Hi! I'm Foxxology, I'm a queer disabled Canadian Illustrator/Comic Artist/Animator.

Commission Info

  • So you want to commission me? You can contact me on any of my socials or through my discord!

- Commission Options -

Art TypeDescriptionPrice 
Simple CharacterCharacter in a simple pose and solid colour/gradient background$35-$40 headshot$60-$80 fullbody
IllustrationFully coloured scene including background, lighting and fx.$150-$300 
Comic PageStarting at 2 panels, done using a monochrome or preset gradient for colouring.$300 for 2 panels +$100 for each additional panel 
Additional characters$60+ for simple character$100+ for illustration 
NSFWAdditional $50 to all the above prices$80+ for kinks that aren't my thing 

- Art Examples -


Comic Page

Simple Character

Simple Character

Art Commission Terms of Service

  • As the artist, I maintain the right to reject or refund any commission. If the client is displeased with the finished product and demands a refund, the client will get 50% of the total amount paid (tip not included) returned and will not be able to keep the finished product.

  • Full payment is required to begin the process of drawing the commission. The only exception is if the commission is over $400USD, then half of the payment will be paid upfront and the second half to be paid before delivery on the final product.

  • Commissions are for personal use only and cannot be distributed, altered, or reproduced without my written consent. Under no circumstances is the client allowed to redistribute or sell the commission to third parties, including NFTs or AI art generation.

  • All preparation materials, visuals and sketches, including all electronic files used to create the project remain the property of Foxxology.

What I'll require from the client

  • Client provides clear and complete requirements and expectations upfront, including reference materials or assets before work on the commission begins.

  • Visual References, as many as possible (+$25 will be added if drawing from written description alone) and a brief description of what you would like for the finished piece

  • An Email Address, social media handle, or discord, to contact you by

  • The client to be responsive during the creation period.

Additional Info

  • Payment via PayPal invoicing

  • The client will only receive the invoice when I, Foxxology, will be able to start the creation period on the client's piece.

  • Prices are non-negotiable

  • Prices are USD

  • The Client is entitled to three design changes during the sketch phase before having to pay an additional $10 USD for each change afterwards. If the client wishes to make a design change post the line-art stage, an additional $20 USD will be invoiced for every change made there after

  • The Client is entitled to three colour pallet adjustments before having to pay an additional $5 USD for each change afterwards.

  • Commissions can take up to 2+ weeks to complete (with the client being attentive to updates on the commission)

  • If the client wishes the commission to be done as a rush order, an additional $25 will be added to the total

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